What is a title company?

Every single minute there seems like there is a real estate transaction taking place somewhere throughout the country. Everyone typically thinks about the main parties of a transaction: The seller, the buyer, the seller’s realtor and the buyer’s realtor. But there is an unsung hero of every single real estate transaction, someone who makes it actually happen by doing all the research needed when someone says I buy real estate houses for cash quickly.

A title company.

A title company does all the paperwork to make sure that a deed to whatever house your buying or selling is transferable because if it isn’t transferrable, there can be major issues for the new buyer. So a title company handles everything when it comes to research and paperwork, which is great because that means that you don’t have to do it! It’s actually pretty sweet! They are the truly the unsung heroes of the real estate transaction world.

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Is a realtor the best way to sell my house?

So typically, a realtor will charge you 3-6% commission to sell their house, which can become extremely costly when you’re looking at selling a house for $250,000! You have to take real estate commissions and closing costs into your final price and lump sum you will make when you sell your house. You have to pay 1-2% in closing costs. So right off the bat, you’re between 5-8% minimum off your sales price. That’s outrageous! Want to find out about a way that can save you from all those pesky fees? Here’s how!

So there are real estate pros out in the world that are called real estate investors who say that we buy real estate property fast for cash, which can be a huge blessing to someone who is struggling month to month, has inherited a house, facing a divorce, facing foreclosure, or anything like that. Investors pay cash for a house and they handle all of the pesky little things like the title company and all the phone calls and emails that you’d otherwise have to take! They can be a true lifesaver.

What to do with my inherited house?

So let’s say that you inherit a house from a grandparent or a parent who has passed away, but you don’t live in that home primarily. It’s a second home that you now have. You can’t afford to keep paying the mortgage left on the house, and you don’t want to live in it. So what do you do?

Well I have your answer!

You have to call a local real estate investor! Someone who understands what’s going on and who can help you get out of the sticky situation of paying two mortgages and up-keeping two different homes. No one wants that burden!

If you’re struggling with an inherited home that you just want rid of, then I have your solutions. Favor Home Solutions! Give them a call because they specialize in closing on houses that have been inherited and that are in or have gone through probate. No one wants to deal with all of that work and hassle.

They will work out whatever kind of deal you want whether it’s owner financing or paying cash up front, whichever one you want to do!

What is Equity?

That’s a great question! So when you buy a house, you instantly get equity. You get more equity the longer you live somewhere, most of the time as long as their isn’t a housing market collapse.

So equity is calculated like this: the After Repair Value of the home minus how much you owe on it. So let’s say you could sell your home for $150,000 and you owe $100,000 on the mortgage, then you have $50,000 in equity because the house is worth more than you owe. Equity can be very hard to attain because it takes either a huge lump sum to make it  happen or for you to live in a house for over 15 years making your monthly mortgage payments. It’s just not something that comes quickly. https://sellmychattanoogatnhousefast.wordpress.com

Who should I trust to buy my home?

Real estate is one of those industries that people try their hand at it every day that really don’t know what they’re doing. You have to keep on going and keep on pressing to make sure that you find the right fit for you and your family. You don’t want to end up signing a contract with someone who doesn’t know how to even rehab a house or close on one. When you are ready to sell your house, you need to find someone who says, we pay cash for real estate property because they will be the one’s that will truly be able to help you move on from that season of life.

So where do I start?

Great Question!!!

So first, I would Google this: “Where can I sell my house fast in Chattanooga, TN?”  (Or whatever city you’re located in). This will bring up a list of investors in your local area who will want to sell you their house! How crazy awesome is that?! You found a direct buyer for your house. I simply like to go through each site and read through some stuff, see what I agree with. Do they have a good about page that tells really what they are about?

You need to be able to see who the person is that you’re dealing with. They must have a photo on the homepage of the website, or something is fishy.

You need to read their Google reviews because that’s where clients leave most of their reviews. If there some bad ratings, read about why they were bad ratings. If someone just gave them one star with no description, that was likely out of spite so don’t always trust those. Read what people say and see if that’s someone you want to deal with when you decide to sell your property quickly. I personally love doing this when I look for who I will partner with on a deal. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask me. For Tennessee, you know I love Favor Home Solutions because of the outstanding work they do. Give them a call if you’re in Tennessee.

How to sell your house fast

I know a lot of you might be clicking this article because you have been trying to sell your house crazy quick by doing whatever you can think of, but I’m here to write this for you to tell you that you don’t need to try any more crazy tactics or try whatever you have been trying. I have the solution for you! It’s quite simple actually, fire your realtor! Or even better, don’t hire one! They charge insane commissions and that’s just not even fair.  What you need is a real estate investor: someone who understands where you’re at in life, and someone who knows how to effectively help you! Let’s show you what to do in order to find a real estate professional who buys houses.

So with a realtor, you have to pay them a fee to sell your house. Well, with finding an investor on your own, you literally do the realtors job for them and you save a ton of money! https://tennesseerealestate.yolasite.com

Real estate investors will buy your house no matter the condition, even if it’s completely trashed on the inside. Even if it’s totally trashed, needing over $25,000 worth of work, they will want to do it! No matter the workload, someone like Favor Home Solutions will want to take on the work project.

Real estate investors are typically great to work with because they understand your situation. But you still have to be careful about who the investor is you’re dealing with because not all investors are created equal. Sometimes, there are certain investors who will try to rip you off because they just care about making money, not the people they are helping. I have worked with Favor Home Solutions in the past, and they are all about their people, even if they don’t make as much money. But because they focus on their people, they get more and more projects to work on, which makes them more money just like that.

So if you’re in a bind and you really need someone to help buy your house, I suggest checking out Favor Home Solutions because they really are the best when it comes to buying houses for cash.