Is a realtor the best way to sell my house?

So typically, a realtor will charge you 3-6% commission to sell their house, which can become extremely costly when you’re looking at selling a house for $250,000! You have to take real estate commissions and closing costs into your final price and lump sum you will make when you sell your house. You have to pay 1-2% in closing costs. So right off the bat, you’re between 5-8% minimum off your sales price. That’s outrageous! Want to find out about a way that can save you from all those pesky fees? Here’s how!

So there are real estate pros out in the world that are called real estate investors who say that we buy real estate property fast for cash, which can be a huge blessing to someone who is struggling month to month, has inherited a house, facing a divorce, facing foreclosure, or anything like that. Investors pay cash for a house and they handle all of the pesky little things like the title company and all the phone calls and emails that you’d otherwise have to take! They can be a true lifesaver.

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